At the age of eight I was the first time in a leading role on stage - at a primary school-theater performance. Since then I am fascinated of that world. After my first steps at school theatre, I decided to to practice acting not only as a hobby.
Private acting and elocution lessons as well as different workshops in Graz, where I participated in during my time in Los Angeles, 1998/99, should give me a solid foundation.

Since 1995 I starred in numerous plays at different Independent stages (kleine Komödie Graz, Theater Center Forum Vienna , ...).

Also in terms of film, I began very early. At 14, the first short film was created in collaboration with my good friend Andreas Auinger, filmed in one afternoon!

Many of the more than 20 films that have been created at that time, are not necessarily showcase projects. Let's focus on the later works, such as the trash sci-fi comedy "Space Tours - Mission EVA" with which we were at the "New York International Independent Film Festival" with it, or the short "hot cooked" by Anna Heuss.
But see yourself...

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